COVID-19 News Roundup

The latest news exploring how businesses are navigating the global pandemic

May 8, 2020: COVID-19 News Roundup

Corporate Response 
  ⦁  Predictions, prophets, and restarting your business, HBS
  ⦁  How do you assess your business’s readiness to reopen? Forbes
  ⦁  The small business die-off is here, The Atlantic
  ⦁  Can bankruptcy help businesses survive COVID-19? Forbes

Global View
  ⦁  Coronavirus threatens future of eurozone, The Guardian
  ⦁  What you need to know about a COVID-19 vaccine, GatesNotes
  ⦁  Are we a breeding ground for emerging diseases? Columbia Magazine
  ⦁  Which travel sectors are worst hit? CNBC

map v2
  ⦁  Surge in online groceries leading to more VC deals, CNBC
  ⦁  Victoria’s Secret PE deal is off, MarketWatch
  ⦁  PE poised to face a reckoning, Bloomberg
  ⦁  Should PE get government aid? NY Times

What's Ahead
  ⦁  A plan to safely reopen the US despite inadequate testing, HBR
  ⦁  Pandemic boosts 3D printing—will it last? Protocol
  ⦁  Is J. Crew’s bankruptcy the first of many in retail? NY Times
  ⦁  COVID-19 could help reimagine the gig economy, Fast Company

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