Management System Simplification

The common reaction to complexity is to add even more complexity. Instead, we help companies simplify and consolidate their overlapping management system processes to align decision-making with strategy and to proactively manage the four sources of risk.

Ineffective management systems paralyze organizations

Every organization has management systems. Some are formal with explicitly defined processes covering every aspect of the business, including: Safety, Quality, Hiring, Performance Evaluation, Reliability, Maintenance, and Finance. In other cases, they are informal or even treated as ad hoc. Regardless of the level of formality, serious problems arise when these management systems start to overlap. This produces conflict and inefficiencies in the business, leads to process breakdowns, and ultimately causes failed business outcomes.

The common reality of multiple, overlapping and redundant management systems

  • Overlapping/unclear ownership
  • Duplicated efforts
  • Unclear/undefined expectations
  • Higher costs to execute
  • Poor organizational performance

A properly designed, well-tuned management system built to meet the organization’s needs

  • Increased organizational performance
  • Rapid learning across the business
  • Reduced costs and overhead
  • Clarity of expectations and accountabilities
  • Improved ability to implement change
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Designing the right management system for your business

Designing the right management system for your business requires a clear understanding of the value it brings to the business. A high-functioning, well-designed management system will:

  • Control the four sources of risk to the business (people, process, equipment, and change)
  • Set clear expectations for goals and targets, and assign ownership and responsibilities for achieving them
  • Eliminate redundant processes and conflicting expectations
  • Integrate into the organization’s business planning cycle
  • Drive accountability throughout effective audit and review of process performance
  • Actively incorporate rapid cycles of learning to ensure the management system processes stay relevant and in-tune with the business needs
Designing the right management system for your business

WP&C: Experts in management system design and simplification

Wilson Perumal & Company is the leader in designing custom-fit, integrated management system solutions for organizations. We have designed, built, and implemented integrated management systems for diverse clients, ranging from global businesses to government organizations. Our expertise comes from:

  • A team with deep operational experience that understands your day-to-day execution challenges
  • A proprietary, 7-element Integrated Management System Framework designed to identify, target, and control risk
  • Unique methodologies to quickly diagnose existing gaps in your organization’s management processes
  • Design and implementation frameworks to get your integrated management system in place and effectively running with a fraction of the resource needs of other approaches
WP&C: Experts in management system design and simplification

Learn how we helped an oil company adopt new OEMS and transform culture to unlock progress

“WP&C is helping us transform our business. Their insights are phenomenal!”
Dave Hoogmoed
Dave Hoogmoed, President Land O’Lakes Purina Feed
“Wilson Perumal & Company's approach treats complexity as the enemy. Declaring war is the most direct route to an efficient, profitable enterprise. We declared war on the complexity in our portfolio, resulting in streamlined customer offerings and a more nimble business.”
Ed Lonergan
Ed Lonergan, President and CEO Diversey, Inc.
“This was a quick and painless way to understand our true product profitability, and it challenges how we think about our business. I am extremely pleased with the results.”
Fernando Palacios
Fernando Palacios, EVP and Chief Integrated Supply Chain Officer MillerCoors LLC
“WP&C’s insights into our portfolio, cost structure and growth drivers have changed the way we think about our business. The brand management playbooks they developed for the business will be critical to how we make decisions going forward.”
Hilliard Lombard
Hilliard Lombard, Managing Director Valeo Foods Group Ltd.
“I have been more than pleased with what you have been able to accomplish in this time. Beyond my expectations...Spectacular!”
Peter Benton
Peter Benton, COO Worldwide Clinical Trials, Inc.
“Fantastic piece of work! You’ve really shed a lot of light on our business. Inmarsat will benefit enormously from your contribution and we will be using your structured thinking to guide us through the decision-making to come.”
Rupert Pearce
Rupert Pearce, CEO Inmarsat plc
“If you take all six times [past projects] where we looked at this, over the past ten years, and rolled them all up together, and multiplied by ten, it would still not be as good as this work.”
Bill McNabb
Bill McNabb, CEO Vanguard Group, Inc
“Army personnel credit the collaboration between Joint Munitions Command, CAAA's higher headquarters, and consulting firm Wilson Perumal & Company for identifying areas to improve the munitions distribution process.”
U.S. Army News
U.S. Army News

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