WP&C Values

Our values and mission define and guide us.
They reflect why we exist and set us apart as a firm.

WP&C Values

We are committed to upholding our values and mission through the work that we do. We are not only seeking to illuminate the complexity issue, but also set the bar for how a consulting firm works with clients to address this set of issues.

Impact clients and the world

We are relentlessly committed to delivering significant impact for our clients, to always leave them better off than before, to give opportunities to our people to achieve significant levels of personal accomplishment and individual fulfillment, and to positively impact the world around us with our service, our ideas, and our actions.

Service to others

We lead by serving our clients and each other. We approach our work with humility and authenticity, recognizing that it is a privilege to serve our clients. We treat all people—our clients, colleagues, and neighbors—as we like to be treated ourselves.

Trust & accountability

We presume trust in each other, based on our mutual commitment to our common purpose. We build trust by delivering on our promises, looking out for one another, and committing ourselves to each other as a team.

Commitment to excellence

We are passionate about our work and recognize the opportunity it represents. We are committed to excellence in all we do and will go above and beyond to practice our craft. We embrace the artists’ tenacity, passion, and orientation of purpose in all we do.

Passionate about ideas

We believe in the power of ideas. We prize the development and application of new ideas to existing and emerging issues facing organizations today. We exist in part to contribute to the collective knowledge of humanity. We impact the world through our ideas and the new frontiers they bring.

Pioneering spirit

Above all, to achieve our mission for our clients, our people, and our world, we prize the ability to create something where nothing was before. We embrace the spirit of the pioneer, the appetite for risk, the willingness to lean in and put all on the line, and the reluctance to play it safe.

Our Mission

We believe complexity is the defining issue facing organizations today. We exist to help companies and other organizations thrive in this Age of Complexity. We do this by rethinking traditional approaches to strategy and execution, and by working in close partnership with our clients to deliver transformative results.

Complexity—the defining issue
Complexity is the defining issue of the age. In fact, companies today are better understood and managed as complex systems.  As such, previously held notions around efficiency, scale, growth, and profitability are no longer valid. Companies need new perspective and new approaches. WP&C was founded to meet this task, and help companies thrive in the Age of Complexity.

New approaches
The fact that we’re living in a complex world means that the old strategies no longer suffice. Companies need fresh insight. For the last decade, WP&C has led the way rethinking traditional approaches to strategy and execution, both as thought-leaders and practitioners. We help our clients attack systemic, entrenched issues, using proven impactful methodologies, yielding dramatic impacts on profitability, growth, and risk.

Transformative results
The good news is that given the nature of the issue, addressing complexity is a transformative opportunity, either through boosting profits, freeing up resources for growth, or creating new capabilities that reduce risk. To do this demands a close collaboration with our clients—a joint effort supported by frequent discussion, rapid iteration of strategies rooted in rigorous analysis, and an execution plan that cuts through the noise to create change.

People working on project
“WP&C is helping us transform our business. Their insights are phenomenal!”
Dave Hoogmoed
Dave Hoogmoed, President Land O’Lakes Purina Feed
“Wilson Perumal & Company's approach treats complexity as the enemy. Declaring war is the most direct route to an efficient, profitable enterprise. We declared war on the complexity in our portfolio, resulting in streamlined customer offerings and a more nimble business.”
Ed Lonergan
Ed Lonergan, President and CEO Diversey, Inc.
“This was a quick and painless way to understand our true product profitability, and it challenges how we think about our business. I am extremely pleased with the results.”
Fernando Palacios
Fernando Palacios, EVP and Chief Integrated Supply Chain Officer MillerCoors LLC
“WP&C’s insights into our portfolio, cost structure and growth drivers have changed the way we think about our business. The brand management playbooks they developed for the business will be critical to how we make decisions going forward.”
Hilliard Lombard
Hilliard Lombard, Managing Director Valeo Foods Group Ltd.
“I have been more than pleased with what you have been able to accomplish in this time. Beyond my expectations...Spectacular!”
Peter Benton
Peter Benton, COO Worldwide Clinical Trials, Inc.
“Fantastic piece of work! You’ve really shed a lot of light on our business. Inmarsat will benefit enormously from your contribution and we will be using your structured thinking to guide us through the decision-making to come.”
Rupert Pearce
Rupert Pearce, CEO Inmarsat plc
“If you take all six times [past projects] where we looked at this, over the past ten years, and rolled them all up together, and multiplied by ten, it would still not be as good as this work.”
Bill McNabb
Bill McNabb, CEO Vanguard Group, Inc
“Army personnel credit the collaboration between Joint Munitions Command, CAAA's higher headquarters, and consulting firm Wilson Perumal & Company for identifying areas to improve the munitions distribution process.”
U.S. Army News
U.S. Army News

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