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A true meritocracy

We set the bar high, but reward performance with no artificial constraints. A consultant’s performance determines his or her career path, not an arbitrary timeline. The collaborative and entrepreneurial WP&C culture fosters team members who recognize that each individual is responsible for delivering quality and impact to every client, every time. Our team members work closely with clients to help solve some of the most challenging business issues confronting executives today. WP&C professionals at all levels are given the responsibility to interact with clients, drive change, and create new IP. WP&C develops its consultants with world-class training and through an apprenticeship training model in which team members learn from each other and collaborate daily.

Finding the right fit

We are a company of ideas—rooted in providing innovative solutions to complex and ambiguous problems. We are looking for professionals with exceptional analytical and communication skills. Our team members share a drive and tenacity for continuous learning and self-improvement. Professionals who are invited to join our team are academically accomplished, excel in high-pressure environments, and have superior self-awareness and people skills. The foundation of the WP&C culture is collaboration, communication, and respect.


Remarkable teamwork and shared vision

Our team members are exceptional leaders and team players—they aren’t afraid to be in the driver’s seat and also enthusiastically support others in leadership roles. Our company culture is strikingly collegial. Our professionals are dedicated to driving the firm to fulfill our mission and delivering outsized impact to our clients. If you are a consistently strong performer with an entrepreneurial mindset and a drive to face new challenges, you may be the perfect addition to our team.

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Career Progression


Associate Consultant

As an Associate Consultant, you drive the analysis on our client teams. You apply a broad range of creative problem-solving skills, combining technical and analytical excellence. You have the opportunity and expectation to engage and work directly with client leaders to uncover new insights about their businesses and the opportunities in front of them. You have had academic success, some real-world work experience, demonstrated impact, and have a strong desire to learn and develop quickly.


As a Consultant, you help solve clients’ problems. You develop hypotheses, layout and execute needed analyses, source and manipulate data as required, translate findings into insights, and move clients to action. You will develop business cases and practical paths forward, working with the support of a team that has deep experience solving complex problems. You may work side by side with clients (or even lead them) to implement change. You have significant professional experience combined with graduate-level academics that you can apply directly and quickly to help solve our clients' problems.

Case Team Leader

A Case Team Leader manages projects, or large portions of projects, with the active mentorship of a manager and partner. You help structure the project, manage the analysis and team, actively interact with senior clients, and ensure quality delivery and output. A Case Team Leader takes on significant responsibility but is given the support needed to ensure success. You help identify and develop opportunities for new business at your clients. Your significant prior experience and success driving impact and working on challenging projects as a consultant is critical to your success as a Case Team Leader.

Engagement Director

Becoming an Engagement Director at WP&C is a significant step. Engagement Directors are the tip of the spear, leading client engagements on the ground while taking greater responsibility for business development, team development, and firm development. As an Engagement Director, your primary endeavor is managing day-to-day project delivery to ensure outstanding client outcomes, from setting the initial project workplan through creation and delivery of the final deliverables—managing the client relationships along the way. Client executives see you as a trusted advisor and you have the primary role in shaping the experience of your team. You actively develop team members both in project settings and as a formal advisor to consultants. While most Engagement Directors manage one project at a time, there are opportunities to span multiple client projects as you build your skills to grow into the next role.


Engagement Directors who have mastered project delivery and have developed a strong basis for business development are promoted to Principal—a stepping-stone to Partner. The Principal role enables you to build and demonstrate the skills necessary to be a highly effective Partner in a world class consulting firm. As a Principal, you direct large, complex engagements and typically span multiple clients. You continue to develop business with other firm leaders, but increasingly take the lead role, supported by others, on pursuits to develop your own portfolio of clients. Principals also serve on the firm’s Leadership Team, helping to set the direction for the firm and taking greater firm-wide roles in developing practice areas, intellectual capital, go-to-market plans, and our team.


Principals who have demonstrated consistent success across a broad set of parameters are promoted to Partner. Partners are able to reliably create, nurture, and close major new business opportunities. They are thought leaders in their respective areas and work together with other Partners to develop powerful integrated insights and capabilities to transform organizations. Partners remain very active in client delivery, overseeing Principals and Engagement Directors and lending their perspective and experience to project teams—ensuring delivery of outsized results. Partners develop and utilize the resources of the firm to successfully execute the firm’s strategy and achieve our vision to be the top consulting firm on the planet.

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