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Our work to strengthen communities and transform global humanitarian efforts

Our social impact is driven by our firm values

Our firm values include service to others, impact on the world, and pioneering spirit. These underpin and drive not only our relentless dedication to our clients but also our social impact initiatives. We leverage our team's talent and passion to partner with innovative organizations to make them more effective in fulfilling their missions to transform communities here and abroad. 

Our initiatives with the Center for Humanitarian Technology and Hope Enterprise Corporation illustrate our commitment to social impact and corporate responsibility. Learn more about these organizations below and the impact they are making in communities locally and globally.

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Center for Humanitarian Technology

A global nonprofit founded by WP&C team members that provides technology and operations solutions to optimize global humanitarian efforts. 

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The Center for Humanitarian Technology was founded by WP&C team members 

The Center for Humanitarian Technology (CFHT) is a non-profit, global humanitarian agency that harnesses the power of volunteer engineering, technology, and operations experts to develop, deploy, and operate information and communication technology to support scalable humanitarian emergency relief efforts. CFHT's mission is to improve the collaboration, efficiency, and effectiveness of our humanitarian NGO partners. 

You can follow CFHT on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and  Facebook.

CFHT's First Mission: Ukraine ESC

WP&C team members founded CFHT in March 2022 in response to a Ukrainian relief agency seeking a better way to manage the deluge of internally displaced people requesting support. Volunteers from companies including WP&C, Swivl, and Airbus rapidly came together to launch CFHT's first mission, the Ukraine Evacuation Support Center (Ukraine ESC). This project includes a custom chat bot and ticketing platform to streamline the intake process for internally displaced people in Ukraine requesting humanitarian aid from the nonprofit Step With Hope.

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"We founded the Center for Humanitarian Technology to provide technology and operations solutions to help make humanitarian organizations already on the ground doing incredibly important work even more efficient and impactful."

Dean Hamilton

WP&C Chief Technology Officer
CFHT Executive Director



"Having the opportunity to build and operate a nonprofit of this magnitude and impact adds such richness and meaning to my worklife at WP&C. The firm-wide support for CFHT has been instrumental to its success and growth."

Jeannie Elliott
WP&C Marketing Director
CFHT Marketing Director



"As a strategy consultant, I’m focused on the big picture of technology decisionsbeing involved with CFHT has given me a much better  understanding of the operational challenges of deploying technology and scaling operations."

Caroline Suni
WP&C Engagement Director
CFHT Products Manager



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"CFHT bridges the gap between my social sector background and my consulting skillset. It's enriching to apply strategic and operational expertise in an entrepreneurial environment, supporting emergent challenges through IT innovation."

Thomas Geraghty
WP&C Consultant
CFHT Special Projects Manager

HOPE impact award

HOPE Enterprise Corporation

HOPE's mission is to strengthen communities, build assets, and improve lives in economically distressed areas of the Deep South by providing access to high-quality financial products and services. WP&C has helped HOPE develop effective strategies, streamline operations, strengthen organizational capabilities, and acquire necessary talent to further its impact and mission.

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Who HOPE serves

HOPE is a family of three development organizations supporting communities in the Delta and other economically distressed parts of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. 

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WP&C is proud to support HOPE's mission to serve the underbanked

For over a decade, HOPE and WP&C's partnership has strengthened how HOPE operates so they can support a greater number of communities in the Deep South. WP&C has partnered with HOPE on strategy, operations, organization transformations, and recruiting efforts. WP&C is helping HOPE close the homeownership gap in economically distressed communities.


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HOPE has impacted 2 million residents of the Deep South

Since 1994, HOPE has helped the unbanked and underbanked, homeowners, entrepreneurs and small business owners, nonprofit organizations, health care providers, and other community and economic development organizations secure more than $3.6B in financing and related services.

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WP&C volunteer event at Horses Help

At our most recent company meeting in Scottsdale, the WP&C team volunteered at Horses Help. The therapeutic and recreational agency, with 18 uniquely qualified therapy horses, provides therapeutic and recreational horsemanship opportunities to children and adults with physical, cognitive, and behavioral challenges, including the at-risk and military populations.

WP&C Volunteering
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