Interview Process

Our interviews provide us with valuable insight into your skills and passions and give you the opportunity to see first-hand what makes WP&C one of the "best small firms to work for"

Finding the right fit

Our interview process is rigorous and purposeful. Our four-step interview progression is carefully designed to evaluate and ensure your fit with our fast-paced, innovative firm. We want to be certain that new teammates will thrive in our entrepreneurial, collaborative, and results-driven environment.

The interview process consists of four steps:

  1. Resume screening (due to volume of applicants we cannot reply to every application)
  2. One half-hour screening interview with our HR manager, via telephone
  3. Two or three case interviews with our consulting team, via telephone
  4. Recruiting day: Dinner and a full day of presentations and interviews with the WP&C Leadership Team and HR manager

Case interviews allow us to see you in action

We use fit and case interviews to assess candidates. Your work experience is important, but case interviews give us valuable insight into your strengths and allow you to learn more about our innovative client work. A case interview is an example of a real business problem—the interviewer presents a typical challenge that WP&C tackles with clients. The cases are not brain teasers; they test your qualitative and quantitative reasoning skills in a real-world business situation. The interviewer evaluates the way you structure and analyze the problem, and how you communicate your insight.

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What are we really looking for in a candidate?

In addition to analyzing the strength of your analytical experience, we are committed to learning about your accomplishments, motivations, and goals. Our interviews explore your communication style, leadership skills, and passion for impacting clients and the world around you. We are driven and guided by our values, and we hire people who are aligned with our mission. Our interview process is carefully tailored to ensure we recruit candidates who welcome tough challenges, set and achieve laudable goals, and find our mission compelling.

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