We believe complexity is the defining issue facing organizations today. The world has changed, and traditional approaches to strategy and execution no longer work. Companies need fresh perspective and new methodologies.

Complexity is the opposite of scale—and companies are in a tug-of-war

Traditional economies of scale have gone away. Nearly half of companies on the S&P 500 became less profitable as they grew.

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WP&C's latest research into optimizing your geographic portfolio published by MIT Sloan

Companies frequently underestimate the complexity of expansion, leading to profit dilution and slower growth. WP&C analyzed the market, operational, and regulatory complexity of 83 countries across 31 factors, and then used machine learning to group these countries by level of complexity. We also innovated a new metric that any company can calculate—the Footprint Complexity Score—and demonstrated its correlation with a company’s operating profit. Read our research here⁠. 

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Is Complexity damaging your business?

Take our 9-question diagnostic to help uncover where complexity is hiding in your business, reducing profits, and sabotaging growth. Learn what type of complexity harms your organization and where to prioritize complexity reduction to improve performance and reduce costs. Take the quiz here⁠. 

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It's shocking, but most businesses do not know where they really make money

Armed with the knowledge from WP&C's Square Root Costing, companies can build better strategies around business problems such as product mix, innovation, and international expansion—enabling them to better compete in our complex world. Read more in our latest issue of Vantage Point.  

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