Yardstyck® measures, quantifies, and benchmarks organizational culture

Actionable insights to create a high-performing culture and improve execution

Understand your culture to improve your culture

Culture is the collection of expectations, norms, practices, and behaviors that shape how every team member in your company behaves. Most leaders know how critical a healthy organizational culture is to the success of their company. But they don't know how to achieve it. Every company—and often the different organizations within a company—has a unique culture. To achieve a successful cultural transformation and sustain a high-performing culture requires proactive management. 



Yardstyck Overview

From your detailed yardstyck results, WP&C builds a custom, purpose-fit transformation roadmap to achieve the high-performing culture you seek

WP&C developed yardstyck to help clients understand, benchmark, and measure progress. The tool, which is part of our LEADs methodology for transforming culture, helps leaders understand how to align cultural goals to their vision and strategy.

Yardstyck is a web-based tool available in multiple languages that is easy to deploy across your organization to measure your culture. Results are segmented to help leaders understand the unique cultural differences across the organization.

The power of yardstyck is its ability to identify where your organizational culture is today, where team members think it should go in the future, barriers to change, and potential leverage points to enable a successful transformation.

8 Signs your culture needs improvement 

  1. There is resistance to change, even in the face of declining organizational performance
  2. Leaders and managers say they want change, but don’t follow up with action
  3. Team members feel they have to choose between quality and speed
  4. Accountability and actionable feedback are lacking
  5. Communication is poor
  6. Audits and inspections reveal issues, but corrections just pile up
  7. Supervision is lacking or ineffective
  8. Past change initiatives resulted in "false starts" or “died on the vine”

Insights for quick wins and making lasting change

When culture transformation is approached in the right way, change and big performance gains can be made quickly. When approached in the wrong way, areas of poor performance can be made worse and trust quickly destroyed. WP&C uses yardstyck to help leaders understand their existing organizational culture and see a clear path for change. The first step is to clearly identify behaviors and beliefs that must change to reach the desired culture, and the barriers that stand in the way. 


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Measure your company against High-Reliability Organizations

Yardstyck provides a cost-effective, efficient way to measure your culture and create a high-performing culture. High-Reliability Organizations deliberately manage their cultures, which starts with measurement. We help clients transform culture to drive industry-leading operational performance and capture a sustainable competitive advantage.

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We are the experts for culture transformation

A successful cultural transformation requires a well-developed plan and effective leadership. No single leader can drive the required change by themselves, but an engaged and equipped leadership team can easily accomplish culture transformation working together. Our culture transformation experts have led many complex transformations—both as senior leaders transforming their own organizations and as guides for our clients. We know what works, how to build custom-fit solutions, where resistance will be met, and how to equip your team to create the high-performing culture you seek. 


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Refinery improves safety by 70% through culture transformation

WP&C helped a large mid-continent refinery transform its culture to improve safety. The culture change reduced incidents by +70% across their refineries. In addition to a nearly 5% improvement in year-over-year refinery utilization, the transformation also led to a 50% reduction from the previous year in lost opportunity, worth approx. $200 million in EBITDA.



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