WP&C Culture

“Communities based on merit and passion are rare, and people who have been in them never forget them.” — Bennis & Biederman

Exceptional journey, exceptional team

We are a fast-growing team of talented and purposeful individuals bound together on an ambitious journey. We are unified by our unique perspective around complexity and by our orientation of purpose. We are characterized by a shared mission, mutual trust and hunger for new thinking. We are passionate about impacting clients and are committed to affecting positive change wherever we go.

How we engage with clients

  • Ideas We compete with ideas, not products. We bring fresh thinking to client issues, not formulaic approaches. We are analytical and insightful, innovative and practical.
  • Results We measure ourselves by the change and results we help clients achieve. Ideas alone are not enough—we help clients actually get things done.
  • Partnership We work closely with clients. We are comfortable in what we don’t know so we can be confident in what we do know. We recognize the privilege it is to work on key issues with our clients and we value being of service to others.
  • Rigor We pull from multiple disciplines and use meticulous analysis and innovative problem solving to help clients tackle their systemic issues. While we are unified in belief, purpose, and tireless dedication to making a difference for our clients, we are diverse in our backgrounds and experience.

How we work

  • Entrepreneurial We put action behind ideas. We push ourselves and take risks to further our mission and better serve our clients.
  • Collegial We presume great trust in each other, support each other, and are united in a common purpose. We constructively challenge and hold each other accountable, admire each other, and genuinely take pleasure in working together.
  • Meritocratic We don’t have ‘time in grade’ requirements. Team members rise according to their ability to drive impact for clients and the firm.
  • Client facing Unlike many consulting firms, all of our consultants are client facing and share ownership over the insights and value the team delivers.
  • Demanding Given our mission and the tough challenges we help clients solve, our team members experience tremendous professional and personal growth.
  • Tailor-made Our virtual office model provides maximum flexibility, and our world-class events and training solidifies our force as a team and shared identity. We have the best of both worlds.
Wilson Perumal Company Meeting - Miami

Recognized as one of the best consulting firms to work for


Named a Best Workplace In Texas 

WP&C is honored to be named one of the top 100 Best Small and Medium Workplaces in Texas 2023 by Fortune Magazine. What employees are saying: "Leadership cares about the employees here on a personal level. Employees also have the flexibility to move around the country with no impact to their jobs."

2021, 2022, and 2023

Certified as a Great Place to Work  

We are proud to be certified as a Great Place to Work. 96% of WP&C employees reported having a consistently positive experience, compared to 57% at typical companies. 100% of WP&C team members rated the firm excellent in the areas of promotions, special recognition, responsibility, adaptability, and management's vision for the future.  


Consulting Magazine Best Consulting Firms to Work For  

ALM’s Consulting Magazine named WP&C is the No. 1 small strategy consulting firm on its annual Best Firms to Work For list. “Consulting is a people business; we need to be a great place to work to attract and retain the exceptional employees for which we are known by our clients,” WP&C Partner David Toth said. 


Ivy Exec Best Boutique Firms to Work For  

Wilson Perumal & Company ranked #11. “A true meritocracy! Great projects, great access to partners and client senior executives.”

WP&C Team

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