COVID-19 News Roundup

The latest news exploring how businesses are navigating the global pandemic

May 29, 2020: COVID-19 News Roundup

  ⦁  The unaddressed gap in cybersecurity: human performance, MIT SloanMIT graphic

What's Ahead
  ⦁  Solving COVID supplier discovery dilemma with AI, Inbound Logistics
  ⦁  How to keep your brand intact during the economic downturn, Adweek
  ⦁  Making ethical and diversity-minded layoff decisions, Fast Company
  ⦁  Making decisions when supply chains are disrupted, MIT

Corporate Response
  ⦁  Brands race to adapt to pandemic shopping habits, CNN
  ⦁  Cost-saving: Nissan-Renault to share more parts/technology, US News
  ⦁  Companies navigate bankruptcy to keep businesses alive, US News
  ⦁  GM and Ford turn to fast-payment programs to aid suppliers, CNBC
  ⦁  Big Food proves reinvention is good for immunity, Forbes

bain graphic

Global Perspective
⦁  Companies turn to India in response to supply chain disruptions, HBR
  ⦁  Unparalleled decline in global energy investment, CNBC
  ⦁  Start-ups finding opportunities during the pandemic, CNBC


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