COVID-19 News Roundup

The latest news exploring how businesses are navigating the global pandemic

April 9, 2020: COVID-19 News Roundup

Corporate Response
  ⦁ How to market your brand through the crisis, HBR
  ⦁ Facebook to research if social distancing is working, CNBC
  ⦁ Mentorship tips for the new age of telework, HBR
  ⦁ Why is every company emailing about COVID-19? Built In

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Global View
  ⦁  Is the pandemic halting the trade of medical goods? NPR
  ⦁  The technology that could free America from quarantine, Atlantic
  ⦁  EU closes in on relief package worth $500 billion, CNN
  ⦁  The US government is using mobile data to study the pandemic, The Verge

  ⦁  PE Investments will lose value, but how much? Institutional Investor
  ⦁  COVID-19 may destroy the controversial stock buyback, Yahoo Finance
  ⦁  How does COVID-19 affect early-stage investments? Nasdaq 
  ⦁  Sustainable funds fare better during the market meltdown, Reuters

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What's Ahead
  ⦁  Goldman Sachs anticipates another relief package, Forbes
  ⦁  Leading COVID-19 model decreases predicted death toll, Washington Post
  ⦁  Will the pandemic spark a healthcare platform revolution? MIT Sloan

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