Wilson Perumal & Company’s New Book Growth in the Age of Complexity Earns Position on Bestseller List

DALLAS, Texas – Wilson Perumal & Company is pleased to announce that Growth in the Age of Complexity: Steering Your Company to Innovation, Productivity, and Profits reached #12 on the 800-CEO-READS Bestseller List.

Andrei Perumal and Stephen Wilson, cofounders and managing partners of Wilson Perumal & Company and coauthors of the book, recently joined an elite group of business experts and authors to be featured on the Bestseller List by 800-CEO-READS, an arbiter of groundbreaking and impactful business books.

In Growth in the Age of Complexity, Perumal and Wilson offer a new, unique lens on growth and provide a critical set of strategies for navigating a complex world while avoiding the Sirens of Growth™. The book explores how complexity impacts businesses and the markets in which they compete, and provides practical frameworks that enable companies to implement strategies that deliver continued growth and profitability. 

Since its release in November 2017 through McGraw-Hill Education, Growth in the Age of Complexity has earned the attention and praise of high-profile executives, such as Deborah Gibbins, CFO of Mary Kay Inc., who said the book was “packed with powerful management insights and strategies critical for success.” Doing business today is more complex than ever, and this book is an invaluable tool for achieving growth and maintaining a competitive advantage in virtually any industry.

“Growth in the Age of Complexity is a timely, relevant and thought-provoking narrative on how complexity can undermine growth and slow down once-nimble organizations,” Steve Voorhees, CEO of WestRock Company said. “Perumal and Wilson provide a framework for diagnosing growth issues and uncovering root causes, and a guide to help us figure out what to do about it (and what not to do!).”

Perumal and Wilson are exceptionally accomplished advisors to senior leaders in industry and government and have unparalleled business and technical expertise. Wilson Perumal & Company, through their consulting services and publications, helps companies optimize portfolio and customer offerings, simplify and align operating models, and develop growth strategies that achieve scale and profitability. 

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Founded in 2009 and with offices in the US and Europe, Wilson Perumal & Company is a premier management consulting firm with significant depth in strategy, operations and due diligence. Leveraging their unique perspective, WP&C helps companies that are struggling in the Age of Complexity and need fresh perspective from a new breed of strategy consultancy.

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