WP&C wins its largest contract to date, continuing a legacy of transformative service to the U.S. Army

Wilson Perumal & Company is pleased to announce it has been awarded a competitive contract from the U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) and the Joint Munitions Command (JMC) for a year-long series of initiatives to help transform the Army’s Organic Industrial Base (OIB) and enhance its support of Army materiel readiness.

This contract represents the largest and most robust scope of work performed by Wilson Perumal & Company for AMC and JMC in a relationship dating back to 2011, when WP&C supported JMC in developing its Enterprise Integrated Logistics Strategy. The initiatives are to be delivered from September 2018 through September 2019 and will leverage the full breadth of Wilson Perumal’s expertise while building upon its portfolio of past support for AMC and JMC.

WP&C’s previous projects supporting Army Depots helped JMC achieve a 20% reduction in budgeted manpower requirements while maintaining the same throughput and reduced annual operating expenses by over $35 million across five production facilities. You can read about the results WP&C helped produce at one Depot in this article published on the Army website.

About AMC & JMC


With a workforce of over 60,000 soldiers and civilians, AMC is the primary logistical organization of the Army, managing its global supply chain and synchronizing logistics and sustainment activities while ensuring that Army commanders have the materiel readiness to conduct their full range of global military operations.

JMC, a sub-command of AMC, manages the full life cycle of munitions supporting all services of the U.S. Department of Defense, including manufacturing, procurement, storage, maintenance and shipment. JMC produces 900 million rounds of munitions annually and ensures the safety and readiness of munitions inventory worth $59 billion.

A JMC Installation Commander said “this work represents the best understanding of the ammunition logistics base I have seen…I for one have been waiting for this for years.”

About this Project

In the scope of this latest contract, Wilson Perumal & Company will work on multiple issues impacting OIB performance and support of Army materiel readiness, including ammunition requirements synchronization and forecasting, ammunition production and supply chain management, and efficiency and productive yield across the Army’s manufacturing arsenals and maintenance depots, from tanks to helicopters to communication and electronics equipment.

Reshaping organizations and driving lasting value

Wilson Perumal & Company is honored to partner with such high performing and impactful organizations, and looks forward to a successful partnership with AMC and JMC into the future. WP&C recognizes that it is a privilege to serve our clients—including corporations, private equity firms, and government organizations—and is relentlessly committed to delivering significant impact.

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