The Top 5 CEO Insights From WP&C's Global Markets Complexity Index Featured in CEOWorld Magazine

Wilson Perumal and Company's Global Markets Complexity Index (GMCI), developed in partnership with The Wall Street Journal, is the feature of CEOWorld Magazine's "The CEO Guide To Geographic Expansion." Written by WP&C Managing Partner Stephen Wilson, the article explores the top 5 CEO insights from the 2019 GMCI report. 

The GMCI—which ranks 83 economies across 31 measures of market, operational, and regulatory complexity—illuminates key insights for CEOs and investors re-assessing or renewing growth strategy. Quartz called the GMCI a new metric taking a different global approach" to expansion and The Wall Street Journal described the framework as helping to "identify which countries have similar operating environments so investors—both corporate and financial—can make more-informed decisions."

The CEOWorld Magazine article extracts the most relevant concepts from the GMCI 2019 reportfive critical concepts to understand before making growth strategy decisions. The article offers guidance on finding hidden gems, avoiding the pitfalls of predictable expansion strategies, and identifying markets that utilize the existing strengths of a company.

Learn the details of these top five CEO insights by reading the full article below or here on the CEOWorld site. 

1. Bigger isn't always better
2. Beware the "easy" expansion into an adjacent market
3. Understand the basis of competition
4. Separate "good" complexity" from "bad" simplicity
5. Become an adjacency skeptic


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