WP&C Launches the Global Markets Complexity Index, Developed for The Wall Street Journal

A Data-Driven Framework and Tool to Help Companies Navigate Geographic Expansion

Wilson Perumal & Company (WP&C) is pleased to announce the launch of the 2019 Global Markets Complexity Index (GMCI). Developed in partnership with The Wall Street Journal, the GMCI provides executives and decision makers with a new analytical framework and set of data for identifying and assessing geographic expansion opportunities. The tool and report are available here.

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“By dividing countries into eight groups based on the complexity of operating a business there, the new index helps identify which countries have similar operating environments so investors—both corporate and financial—can make more informed decisions on which countries they will be comfortable or capable of operating in,” said Dan Keeler, Frontier Markets Editor at The Wall Street Journal. Read the WSJ's coverage of GMCI here

Leveraging WP&C’s deep understanding of complexity, the GMCI assesses 83 countries across 31 measures of market, operational and regulatory complexity, resulting in eight country groups with distinct complexity profiles. These groups are the crux of the GMCI, informing business leaders of what they may expect when expanding into each country, and which countries share similar complexity profiles. Past success in one country may suggest an opportunity in another country in the same group.

“Companies need to continue to look for geographic expansion opportunities, but many underestimate the complexities associated with operating in a new geography,” said Stephen Wilson, co-founder and managing partner of WP&C. “This can lead to increased risk, lower margins and even threats to the core business. We wanted to use our decade of leadership in the area of managing complexity to create this index and interactive tool to help corporate leaders bridge that gap, and identify the countries in which they are best equipped to succeed.”

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