COVID-19 News Roundup

The latest news exploring how businesses are navigating the global pandemic

April 24, 2020: COVID-19 News Roundup

Corporate Response 
  ⦁  Tech start-ups begin to ask workers to trade in stock for salary, Bloomberg
  ⦁  GM and Ford switched out pickup trucks for breathing machines, The Verge
  ⦁  How should you talk to your team about an uncertain future? HBR
  ⦁  Why COVID-19 is an $8.5 billion disaster for the flower industry, Bloomberg

Travel Industry Loss

Global View
  ⦁  11% of global CEOs fear their companies won't survive COVID-19, CNBC
  ⦁  New EU data portal launches to support COVID-19 research, Tech Crunch
  ⦁  Cartels are scrambling as virus snarls global drug trade, AP
  ⦁  How can non-profit leaders can keep their organizations afloat? HBR

  ⦁  Why are a growing number of start-ups rejecting investor offers? CNBC
  ⦁  Sycamore Partners seeks to scrap bid to buy Victoria's Secret, Forbes
  ⦁  How coronavirus almost brought down the global financial system, Guardian
  ⦁  What PE can learn from the last downturn? McKinsey

McKinsey Graphic

What's Ahead
  ⦁  White House advisor wants to protect companies from COVID-19 lawsuits, CNBC
  ⦁  Senate passes $480 billion package to expand funding for small businesses, BI
  ⦁  Could COVID-19 end the office as we know it? Vox
  ⦁  How the pandemic could create a new working class, The Atlantic


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