COVID-19 News Roundup

The latest news exploring how businesses are navigating the global pandemic

March 27, 2020: COVID-19 News Roundup

Corporate Response
   ⦁ Airlines repurpose flights to meet current demands, WSJ   
   ⦁ PE buyers are snapping up assets despite the volatility, Bloomberg
   ⦁ Hertz gives customers more flexibility, increases customer pool, Yahoo Finance
   ⦁ Learn how leaders are managing the crisis, Harvard Business School

Global View
   ⦁ Germany plans €500B fund to fend off foreign M&A, PitchBook
   ⦁ COVID-19 hands world leaders power they may never give up, Bloomberg
   ⦁ Which global cities are taking the pandemic seriously? Economist

Daily chart - Many Britons are not taking social distancing for covid-19 seriously _ Graphic detail _ The Economist jpg_Page_1
Previous Crises
   ⦁ The trade-off between public health and the economy, WSJ
   ⦁ Investing in products during a crisis, New Yorker
   ⦁ Building customer loyalty in the face of uncertainty, HBR

What's Ahead
   ⦁ Will the pandemic cement Big Tech's dominance? New York Times
   ⦁ How COVID-19 could impact the defense supply chain, Defense News
   ⦁ PE fire sales aren’t here yet, but they‘re probably coming, Institutional Investor

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