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As the global pandemic continues to gain momentum, more people, businesses, and economies are impacted. WP&C is committed to helping our clients steer through this crisis—providing the insights, resources, and support they need.

Act now, while the business world is holding its breath

It’s not clear exactly when we will shift from crisis to recovery, but it is certain that businesses will be changed by this experience. In the near term, most businesses will see lower revenues for multiple quarters and face liquidity challenges. In the longer term, they will need to not only rethink annual targets but also the viability of pre-COVID-19 operating models. Below, we highlight immediate actions to take to navigate through this crisis. 

Aggressively attack complexity to boost liquidity

Companies will tap credit markets, but most will also need to learn to manage with less cash. Fortunately, there are many specific, operational levers for companies to consider. For example, minimizing cash tied up in inventory by: adjusting customer policies, stratifying inventory targets, enabling factory-direct fulfillment, leveraging distribution, moving to make-to-ordering, deepening supply-base collaboration, and so on.

FIRST STEP: Leverage liquidity strategies to unlock capital by reducing complexity. Size the overall opportunity and liquidity lift, and launch “no-regrets” quick policy changes. 

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Identify profit-generators in your business using Square Root Costing methodology 

Profit-generators are the 20–30% of products, customers, etc., that generate more than 300% of your profitability. In other words, 70–80% of your products are consuming cash with no returns! In the pre-COVID-19 world, most companies were fine managing to an aggregate gross margin, but this is no longer tenable. Now, more than ever, you need to quickly gain a true picture of product and customer profitability in order to focus (or defocus) time, cash, and capacity, as well as more confidently cut costs.

FIRST STEP: Deploy Square Root Costing methodology, develop an initial view of true value-generators, and launch your intervention plan. 

Product Portfolio Optimization (PPO2)

Take “no-regrets” cost-reduction moves

Given the current uncertainty, the onus should be on developing cost structure alternatives for a post-COVID-19 world and executing no-regrets cost reductions. At the heart of this is identifying the 2–3 operating model alternatives and related cost-structures, tied to different business outcomes, and determining the triggers to execute on each. Most firms will require significant complexity reduction in their businesses, hitting organizational, process, and product/service dimensions.

FIRST STEP: Sketch out the range of operating models/cost-structures and associated triggers in a “clean sheet” exercise. Identify the “no-regrets” cost-reduction actions common to all options and begin implementation.

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Boost Liquidity for Success Now and Post-Pandemic

Boosting liquidity is more important now than ever before. Discover 8 liquidity levers to boost your balance sheet and free cash flow from operations. Typical results can yield increases in cash flow by 30%.

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Cost Reduction

Emerge stronger and leaner in the post-pandemic world

Most companies have implemented immediate cost reductions in response to the crisis. Many are now starting to adapt to a potentially protracted reduction in demand by looking deeper at structural and organizational costs. WP&C accelerates capturing cost reductions by leveraging 3 complementary lenses to identify next-level cost reduction opportunities.

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Cost Reduction

Safely rebound from crisis with a Restart Playbook

Restarting isn’t as simple as flipping a switch—developing actionable plans to restart while addressing new concerns and rapidly changing stakeholder interests is challenging and complex. Leverage a restart playbook—a critical tool for guiding rapid decision making, getting the best from your team, and quickly restoring sound operational footing.

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Most companies do not know where they truly make money

For most companies, only 20-30% of products generate up to 300% of profit, with the remaining products actually destroying up to 200% of profit. At the core of both pandemic survival and recovery is having a true understanding of where your company generates profits—products, customers, markets, channels—to support strategic decision making.

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Profit Generators

Six smart moves to boost liquidity

In the face of COVID-19, companies are moving fast to preserve cash and maximize the return on spending. For many companies, raw materials and finished goods inventories are the largest consumers of cash—working capital that can be locked up for weeks or months before it yields a return. It is key to look beyond the supply chain and also consider go-to-market approach and product offerings.

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Protect your company from COVID-19 cyberthreats targeting remote-workers 

It is critical to take two sets of actions—upgrade your security protocols for the new work-from-home dynamics and assess your organizational readiness to defend against cyberthreats along three lines of defense. Measuring your company’s alignment with the behaviors of High Reliability Cybersecurity Operations (HRCO) will allow you to identify vulnerabilities due to human performance and develop new lines of defense. 

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Waging War on Complexity Costs is a roadmap for uncertain times. 

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“If you take all six times [past projects] where we looked at this, over the past ten years, and rolled them all up together, and multiplied by ten, it would still not be as good as this work.”
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“Army personnel credit the collaboration between Joint Munitions Command, CAAA's higher headquarters, and consulting firm Wilson Perumal & Company for identifying areas to improve the munitions distribution process.”
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