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Operating Models - A Dedicated Resourcing Model Drives Staffing Efficiency

So often, we find business leaders confused by this common situation: as their staffs get busier, overall productivity stagnates. “We know they are all very busy, so why is less and less getting accomplished?” The common response to this situation is to increase the number of people involved on each task and increase the level of oversight. However, this seldom helps the situation and often makes it even worse.

A misaligned operating model is often the root cause--the right people are not doing the right work. Each project has too many people involved and employees are spread too thinly across projects to be effective. Many hands do not always make light work. The piece below outlines a case where WP&C helped a company reorganize to a more focused resourcing model to achieve immediate, significant, bankable benefits.

Insights to Action - Dedicated Resourcing Model Drives Staffing Efficiency

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