WP&C Square Root Costing Research Published by Cost Management

Cost Management module v2Wilson Perumal and Company’s unique approach to costing, Square Root Costing, has been applied to clients of all sizes across different industries. In the latest issue of The Journal of Cost Management, WP&C Manager Scott Stallbaum explains the methodology behind Square Root Costing. The article reveals how WP&C has applied this methodology to help clients understand true portfolio profitability at a SKU level and leverage this information to make decisions that reduce costs while improving profitability. 

Stallbaum explains, “Everyone feels the impacts of complexity in their business—increased downtime, ballooning overhead, poor quality, lower efficiency—but until WP&C developed Square Root Costing, there hasn’t been an effective way to quantify its impacts. Now, armed with a tool to more accurately account for the cost of complexity, leaders can make smarter decisions about their portfolios to maximize profits.” 

In this article, learn how different clients have used the output of Square Root Costing to build better strategies to transform their businesses including decisions around new product development, costs to serve individual customers, and country specific go-to-market strategy. Learn more about our clients and how Square Root Costing can transform your business by reading the full article here 

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