WP&C plays instrumental role in US Army supply chain optimization

Picture10-3The Army Materiel Command (AMC) has launched its supply chain optimization initiative aimed at improving how the Army provides Soldiers with necessary parts, equipment, and supplies whenever and wherever needed. With WP&C’s support, AMC and its Life Cycle Management Commands (LCMCs) are using new processes, workflows, data resources, and workforce roles to revolutionize its supply chain management.

“We are honored to have been selected by AMC to assist with this monumental supply chain transformation,” said Andrei Perumal, co-founder and Managing Partner of WP&C. “WP&C has a long history of helping AMC improve its effectiveness and efficiency and this latest collaboration will have a deep and lasting impact on Soldiers and the joint force around the world who count on AMC to provide them with everything that is crucial to their missions.”

The supply chain optimization initiative began in October 2021. Since then, WP&C has worked with AMC and its LCMCs to standardize and specialize supply chain management using custom data analytic tools that enable leaders to make informed, data-driven decisions. This transformation includes the reorganization of the AMC workforce by supply chain functional area, which allows for better specialization and support across all portfolios. It also enables further development of the Army workforce that conducts day-to-day supply chain planning and execution, which was a fundamental goal for Army leadership.

Army email banner 2 v2The optimization initiative is fully operational as of the end of March 2023. AMC and WP&C leaders are currently monitoring the new processes and adapting to the complex, and ever-shifting environment. A critical part of the Army workforce's data-driven supply chain is learning to use the AMC Predictive Analytics Suite, which provides near real-time data visualization for topics such as supply chain risk management and order flows.

WP&C has supported transformation efforts in the Army for the past 13 years, including the Army’s modernization of its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, one of the largest and most complex enterprise business system environments in the world. WP&C also helped Joint Munitions Command (JMC) reduce its annual operating expenses by over $35 million across five production facilities and achieve a 20% reduction in budgeted labor requirements while maintaining the same throughput.

You can read more about AMC’s supply chain optimization effort here:

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