Client Examples


Operational and risk improvement for a leading integrated energy company

Insight & Impact

WP&C recommended and implemented key actions to improve
operational performance and reduce risk.

EOR Case1

  • Reduced loss of containment incidents by 75%
  • Revised the organizational structure to increase supervision and developed a new framework for operational excellence, based on the US Navy's 5 Pillars
  • Implemented 3 core coaching practices for mid-level managers to increase performance and sustain KPI achievements
  • Developed a customized handbook for the organization to bring the new operational excellence framework to life


Key insight from the study:

  • Integrated Energy's risk and poor operational performance was due to an absence of coherence, which is a lack of alignment between goals, functions, initiatives and resources
  • Integrated Energy had numerous problems on the Process/Organization face of the complexity cube.  The issues on the Process/Organization face are often the least recognized, most frequent and hardest for companies to handle
  • The 5 Pillars Operational Excellence structure and associated tools that WP&C developed created coherence for Integrated Energy, reduced operational risk and improved performance


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