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We enable PE firms and portfolio companies to unlock value to realize organic growth, ensuring scalability of downstream M&A activities and supporting desired exit valuation

WP&C helps PE expand and capture VCP through complexity reduction

We have a track record of helping PE portfolio companies achieve breakthrough EBITDA uplift, incremental revenue, and improved working capital.

New Insights from Proprietary Analytics
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WP&C partners with the business to deploy the Complexity Playbook™ 

We create value as we go, with EBITDA uplift of 20–40% in 12–18 months and value delivery starting as soon as 1 to 3 months. 

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EBIT lift at a European food company

A privately-held European manufacturer and distributor of consumer-packaged food sought growth and profitability. WP&C brought a new way to see profitability at a product and customer level and a new way of seeing and running the overall business.

     •  7% uplift in EBIT
     •  18% reduction in working capital
     •  €2M+ divestiture opportunity
     •  15% fewer brands and ~30% fewer SKUs



It's shocking, but most businesses do not know where they really make money

Armed with the knowledge from WP&C's Square Root Costing, companies can build better strategies around business problems such as product mix, innovation, and international expansion—enabling them to better compete in our complex world. Read more in our latest issue of Vantage Point.  

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Add certainty to your deal thesis with Operational Due Diligence

Operational Due Diligence is the most reliable and impactful lever for short- and long-term EBITDA improvement, but is often neglected. PE sponsors devote significant resources to commercial due diligence to assess growth potential, but growth is at risk in today’s environment. Removing complexity, and associated costs, is the most dependable way to improve margins and capture value.


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Transforming go-to-market for a construction materials company

After thriving through economic downturns, a construction materials company found growth harder to achieve, and profitability harder to maintain. WP&C helped the company rationalize product lines and SKUs, implement quick wins in pricing and customer policies, and realign field sales on product first and then geography. After one year, ownership was able to sell the entire enterprise, getting a higher multiple on top of improved EBIT. And in three years, overall EBIT improved by over 30%.



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Growth in the Age of ComplexitySM

In our latest book, learn how to navigate the Sirens of Growth® and build true scale in today’s new era of competition.

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“WP&C is helping us transform our business. Their insights are phenomenal!”
Dave Hoogmoed
Dave Hoogmoed, President Land O’Lakes Purina Feed
“Wilson Perumal & Company's approach treats complexity as the enemy. Declaring war is the most direct route to an efficient, profitable enterprise. We declared war on the complexity in our portfolio, resulting in streamlined customer offerings and a more nimble business.”
Ed Lonergan
Ed Lonergan, President and CEO Diversey, Inc.
“This was a quick and painless way to understand our true product profitability, and it challenges how we think about our business. I am extremely pleased with the results.”
Fernando Palacios
Fernando Palacios, EVP and Chief Integrated Supply Chain Officer MillerCoors LLC
“WP&C’s insights into our portfolio, cost structure and growth drivers have changed the way we think about our business. The brand management playbooks they developed for the business will be critical to how we make decisions going forward.”
Hilliard Lombard
Hilliard Lombard, Managing Director Valeo Foods Group Ltd.
“I have been more than pleased with what you have been able to accomplish in this time. Beyond my expectations...Spectacular!”
Peter Benton
Peter Benton, COO Worldwide Clinical Trials, Inc.
“Fantastic piece of work! You’ve really shed a lot of light on our business. Inmarsat will benefit enormously from your contribution and we will be using your structured thinking to guide us through the decision-making to come.”
Rupert Pearce
Rupert Pearce, CEO Inmarsat plc
“If you take all six times [past projects] where we looked at this, over the past ten years, and rolled them all up together, and multiplied by ten, it would still not be as good as this work.”
Bill McNabb
Bill McNabb, CEO Vanguard Group, Inc
“Army personnel credit the collaboration between Joint Munitions Command, CAAA's higher headquarters, and consulting firm Wilson Perumal & Company for identifying areas to improve the munitions distribution process.”
U.S. Army News
U.S. Army News

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