Operational Due Diligence

The Missing Link in Private Equity Due Diligence

Operational Due Diligence is the most reliable and impactful lever for short- and long-term EBITDA improvement, but it is often neglected. Private Equity sponsors devote significant resources to commercial due diligence to assess growth potential, but growth is at risk in today’s environment. Removing complexity, and associated costs, is the most dependable way to improve margins and capture value.


EBITDA gains of 20–40% captured in under a year

WP&C’s Operational Due Diligence support delivers a comprehensive evaluation of capabilities, cost structure, complexity, and ability to scale. Our proprietary Square Root Costing method provides a clear picture of profitability by product, customer, and channel. This approach identifies value-creation opportunities that are based on tangible cost reduction levers that you control. The result: confidence in your investment thesis and a clear path to value capture. 



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