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Is complexity damaging your business?
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Our 9-question diagnostic highlights symptoms of complexity and uncovers where it is hiding in your business, reducing profits, and strangling growth. Learn what type of complexity harms your organization and where to prioritize complexity reduction to improve performance and reduce costs.


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Organization/Product Complexity Symptoms

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Companies that experience Organization/Product Complexity often display these symptoms:

  • Operations struggles to keep up with all the specific demands of product lines
  • The efforts of marketing and sales are diffused over an unmanageable number of products and geographies
  • Previous efforts to consolidate the network have been stymied by current needs

Learn how WP&C has helped companies overcome Organization/Product Complexity

  • CASE STUDY 1: Guiding a consumer durables company to enter new channels while reducing costs
  • CASE STUDY 2: Industrial equipment manufacturer drives better win-rates and improves margins

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Process/Organization Complexity Symptoms

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Companies that experience Process/Organization Complexity often display these symptoms:

  • Slow decision-making and information flow
  • Difficulty seeing or managing trade-offs across functional boundaries
  • Poor product availability
  • Lots of activity, but few results/outcomes
  • Poor customer services levels

Learn how WP&C has helped companies overcome Process/Organization Complexity

  • CASE STUDY 1: A focus on tools, behaviors, and metrics led to a cultural change in a government organization and projected cost savings of $50 million
  • CASE STUDY 2: Supporting an oil producer in the implementation of a simplified OEMS, driving efficient performance

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Product/Process Complexity Symptoms

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Companies that experience Product/Process Complexity often display these symptoms:

  • Long lead times and queues
  • Product shortages, product surpluses/markdowns, and high volumes
    of unprofitable products
  • High volumes of slow-moving inventory levels
  • Frequent changeovers and eroded capacity

Learn how WP&C has helped companies overcome Product/Process Complexity

  • CASE STUDY 1: Working with a consumer-packing goods manufacturer to understand product profitability and meet shifting customer preferences
  • CASE STUDY 2: Enabling a consumer durables company to defeat complexity and regain profitability through sustainable portfolio optimization

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Armed with the knowledge from WPC's Square Root Costing, companies can build better strategies around business problems such as product mix, innovation, and international expansion—enabling them to better compete in our complex world. Read more in our latest issue of Vantage Point. Read more in our latest issue of Vantage Point⁠.

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WP&C's latest research into optimizing your geographic portfolio published by MIT Sloan

Companies frequently underestimate the complexity of expansion, leading to profit dilution and slower growth. WP&C analyzed the market, operational, and regulatory complexity of 83 countries across 31 factors, and then used machine learning to group these countries by level of complexity. We also innovated a new metric that any company can calculate—the Footprint Complexity Score—and demonstrated its correlation with a company’s operating profit. Read our research here⁠.

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