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Vantage Point is Wilson Perumal & Company's quarterly business journal that describes the new management practices and approaches companies need to win in today's complex world. Its purpose is to encapsulate our latest thinking about strategy, operations, and general management in a practical, no-nonsense way that helps leading executives succeed.
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An introduction to our offerings
Insights from our Global Markets Complexity Index (GMCI) for leaders of multinationals
WP&C leaders share their insights
Executive discussions on competing in a shifting, complex world
Growing Profit with Revenue

4 factors to assess scale potential

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The Operating Model Imperative for Operational Excellence

Six operating model design elements

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Achieving Operational Excellence While Slashing Costs

The 10 things you must get right

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Reshaping Your Portfolio

The "Big Six" mistakes of portfolio optimization and how to avoid them

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Dynamic Scenario Planning

3 essential steps for effective strategic planning in an unpredictable environment

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Grocery Retail In Flux

Harnessing five key trends currently shaping the industry

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Tailoring your Diligence Approach to Bring M&A Success in Emerging Markets

Emerging market due-diligence

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Diversify for Profits, Not Growth

Increase value and reduce risk by diversifying your business the right way

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Operational Discipline

Building a culture of operational discipline—doing the right thing, the right way, every time

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Retail Promotions that Deliver

How to avoid six common effectiveness and efficiency promotion pitfalls

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Creating a Culture of Operational Discipline that leads to Operational Excellence

Applying lessons from High-Reliability Organizations

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Avoiding the Pitfalls of being an Occasional Acquirer

How to execute a successful M&A strategy

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A Simple Approach to Retail Clustering

Gain the benefits of localization without breaking the budget on new systems

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Achieving Operational Excellence

In the face of complexity the 7-element management system that addresses the failings of Lean Six Sigma

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The Shockproof Supply Chain

Eliminating the sources of catastrophic risk in today's global supply chain

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Making Complexity Reduction Count

How to Plan for Benefit Capture from the Start

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Localization with Scale

Six lessons from retailer Macy's in how to attain scale economies while building customer intimacy

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PDMA: Visions

Up to 80% of Your Products are Losing Money

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The European Business Review

WP&C's 'Bigger is no Longer Better: Complexity and the New Frontier'

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Dallas Business Journal

Dynamic Scenario Planning is key to thriving in a volitile crude price environment

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WP&C's Lessons from the Front

A Practitioner's Guide to Waging War on Complexity

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CEOCFO Magazine

We help companies win in a complex world

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Oil and Gas Investor

Making Waves: Water recycling Investment

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Guest authors for

Cadbury's Success: Keep it simple and sweet

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The European

Answering three questions to translate your growth plan into profits, not complexity

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American Management Association Journal

Six principles for a fresh take on complexity costs

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The European Lean

Key principles for making Lean Six Sigma relevant and financially rewarding in today’s complex environment

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INSTORE Retail Magazine

If I Owned a Jewlery Store by WP&C managing partner Stephen Wilson, guest columnist

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Operational Excellence and Risk Management

The cultural characteristics of High-Reliability Organizations

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Six-Facets Approach to Portfolio Optimization

There is more to portfolio optimization than just cutting the unprofitable tail

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Complexity Costs

Complexity costs are hidden and grow exponentially. How to find and reduce the sources of these costs

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Complexity Cube

The Complexity Cube frames and illuminates the types, interactions, and impact of complexity

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Profit Scaling Curve

The relationship between sales of a group of products and profitability based on complexity

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Leading Without Fear

WP&C Partner and former US Navy fighter pilot, Ernie Spence, tells how he turned around a failing squadron using integrity and accountability.

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Square Root Costing

WP&C's proprietary methodology for allocating complexity costs

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Substitutability, often ignored, can be an effective weapon in portfolio optimization

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CFO Magazine: Square Root Costing

Square Root Costing is a practical methodology to show you the true cost and profit of products

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CFO Magazine: Global Markets Complexity Index

WP&C's Global Markets Complexity Index featured by CFO Magazine

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Vantage Point: Square Root Costing

Revealing the Cost of Complexity

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MIT Sloan Management Review — Why Multinationals Should Consider Geographic Complexity First

WP&C's research into optimizing your geographic portfolio published by MIT Sloan Management Review

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MIT Sloan Management Review — The Unaddressed Gap in Cybersecurity: Human Resources

WP&C explores High-Reliability Cyber-Operations in our latest research published by MIT Sloan Management Review

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Cost Management — Square Root Costing: Revealing the Cost of Complexity

Square Root Costing was developed by WP&C to help companies quantify the costs of complexity and unlock the systemic cross-subsidizations distorting the view of profitability by product and customer. 

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Offering Introduction: Operating Model Redesign

Unlock profitability and growth in your organization

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Offering Introduction: Cost Reduction

Achieving next-level cost reductions

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Offering Introduction: Boosting Liquidity

Reduce working capital and improve cash flow

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Offering Introduction: Operational Due Diligence

Unlock aggressive value‐creation plans and add certainty to your deal thesis

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Offering Introduction: Innovation

Building a sound innovation engine requires a deliberate vision, comprehensive strategy, and effective execution

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Offering Introduction: Portfolio Optimization

Typical benefits are 10-30% increases in EBITDA and 10-25% reductions in working capital

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Offering Introduction: Process Automation

Process automation can yield significant ROI, but has its own risks

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4 Essential Steps to Transform Manufacturing and Industrial Operations Culture

For manufacturing and industrial operations, a high-performing culture is a competitive advantage. 

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Refocusing for Profit & Growth: Guide to CPG Portfolio Optimization

Too often, companies tackle portfolio optimization with a singular focus. Explore 5 aspects of successful portfolio optimization approaches. 

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Outsourcing vs. Automation: How to Determine Which is Right for your Organization

To determine which approach is right for your organization, the first step is to assess four factors to surface risks and identify complexities.

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Beyond Cutting the Tail: The 5 Facet Approach to Portfolio Transformation

Design a portfolio tailored to support growth and profitability

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5 Steps for Value Creation in the Packaging Industry

Set a path for rapid value creation in the current environment

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Calculate your Footprint Complexity Score WP&C developed the Footprint Complexity Score to quantify the geographic complexity of a company’s global footprint and measure its correlation to operating profit Learn More
Offering Introduction: Pre- and Post-Merger Integration

Fit-for-purpose approaches to Pre- and Post-Merger Integration to de-risk, accelerate, and maximize value creation

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Leverage Your Core To be successful abroad, companies must understand where and how they truly make money Learn More
Cyber Operational Culture Human performance is the key to protecting organizations and saving the cyber insurance industry Learn More
Articulate Your Geographic Strategy Develop a geographic strategy articulating how your scale, brand, or capabilities create a unique value proposition for each market and inform where to enter, exit, or remain. Learn More
Uncover True Profit Concentration with Whale Curves Seeing how few products create profit and how many products destroy it is a call-to-action to identify and remove complexity costs Learn More
Right-Size Your Geographic Footprint Spreading operations across countries with widely varying levels of complexity has a direct, negative impact on operating margin Learn More
Will Your Enterprise Survive the Cybersecurity War? Transforming cyber-operational discipline is the only path to protection Learn More
Quiz: How Does Your Cyber Discipline Impact Your Risk? 95% of cybersecurity incidents are caused by failures in human performance. This quiz assesses the strength of your company's cyber discipline. Learn More
Introduction to Human and Organizational Performance WP&C Partner Ernie Spence's Human & Organizational Performance (H&OP) presentation at the American Manufacturing Summit Learn More
The Complexity Summit Report: Post-Pandemic Priorities An executive discussion on growth and resilience in the post-COVID era Learn More
Consider Strategic Alternatives to Geographic Expansion Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and explore strategic alternatives to geographic expansion Learn More
The Complexity Summit Report: Maximizing Human Capital & Workforce Productivity Four themes shaping the future of work and strategies to navigate them Learn More
A New Framework for Understanding Complexity

Identifying the complexity that slows down organizations and adds costs and risk begins with a systemic view across three dimensions

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Pressure-Test Your Big Technology Projects

Prevent complexity from derailing your technology initiatives


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Commercial Excellence Strategy to maximize growth and profitability  Learn More
High Reliability ZTNA Cybersecurity in a complex world Learn More

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