Interview Process

Our interview process gives you the opportunity to learn more about us as well as giving us the chance to learn about you. 

Our process is rigorous, but with purpose:  It is as much to ensure a fit with the team – and an environment in which you will thrive – as it is about evaluation. 

Our interview process consists of fit and case interviews.  A case interview is an example of a real business problem.  Your interviewer will present a typical problem that they have encountered with a previous client.  The cases are not brain teasers.  The cases will test your qualitative and quantitative reasoning skills in a real-world business situation.  Your interviewer is evaluating the way you structure your response and the framework you use.   

We are looking for strong analytical experience, but we also test your communication skills and how you would interact with our clients.  Our interview process can be rigorous, but we want candidates that are excited by a challenge, capable of achieving laudable goals, and who desire to join the high performing team that is Wilson Perumal & Company.