Career Progression

We are a meritocracy. 

We set a high bar, but with no artificial constraints.  While working at WP&C, you will work closely with clients to help solve some of the most challenging business issues confronting CEOs and COOs today.  Your growth will be driven by your individual performance.  You will receive training informally and formally.  We believe in an apprenticeship training model where you learn from your team members on a daily basis.  Our consultants own their career path. 

We are looking for people with strong analytical and communication skills with a drive and hunger for continuously learning and self-improvement.  Our team members have typically excelled in high-pressure environments, done well academically and who have great people skills.  If you have consistently been a strong performer and love new challenges, you would be a great addition to our team.  Our roles are as follows:

  • Associate Consultant/Senior Associate Consultant

    As an Associate Consultant or Senior Associate Consultant, you will drive the analysis on our client teams.  You will apply a broad range of creative problem-solving skills, combining technical and analytical excellence.  Your role will allow you the opportunity to work directly with senior leaders to implement change. 

  • Consultant

    As a Consultant, you help solve clients’ problems.  You will develop a hypothesis, execute the analysis, translate the data into insights, and move the client to action.  You are also working with a team who has experience solving complex problems.  Our goal is to help develop you to become a Case Team Leader. 

  • Case Team Leader

    Our Case Team Leaders are Managers in training.  The Case Team Leader manages projects or large portions of a project, with the active mentorship of a manager and partner.  This involves structuring the project, managing the analysis and team, interacting with senior clients and ensuring quality output and delivery.  CTLs are given a lot of responsibility but with support to ensure you succeed.

  • Manager

    Becoming a Manager at WP&C is a senior role, with focus on client delivery and business development.  We rely on our Managers to drive our business forward and make significant impacts in client relationships, both in terms of delivery and developing new work.  Our managers play an active role in developing our people, our firm and our client base and are truly leaders in the business.

  • Partner

    Managers who demonstrate proven success across a broad set of parameters will be promoted to Partner.  Our Partners lead the business, with a longer-term view on client impact, business development, intellectual capital and firm development.  One of the Partners’ key responsibilities is developing our people and helping them achieve greatness.