“People in Great Groups seem to become better than themselves.  They are able to see more, achieve more, and have a far better time doing it than they can working alone.”

Organizing Genius:
the Secrets of Creative Collaboration

by Warren Bennis and Patricia Ward Biederman (Basic Books)

As one of the fastest growing management consultancies with operations in North America and Europe, WP&C offers a unique opportunity to those who join.  We are different in our point of view, our expertise and our firm DNA.  We attract the best performers from firms such as Bain, BCG and McKinsey, from industry, the military and other disciplines.  We have worked with some of the biggest and best run organizations in the world, helping them attack some of their toughest issues.  At the same time, our culture is strikingly collegial – we have fun while we work, but we’re serious about what we do.  

We offer compelling career opportunities for those with exceptional experience and a passion for helping clients. Learn more about the following areas:

  • Culture and Value Proposition.  A career with us represents an exciting value proposition.

  • Career Progression.  WP&C is a meritocracy.  We set a high bar, but with no artificial constraints.

  • Interview ProcessOur interview process gives you the opportunity to learn more about us as well as giving us the chance to learn about you.  Our process is rigorous, but with purpose.

  • Apply Online.  If you are ready for the challenge, please apply here.