Our Clients

Our clients tell us we are in a different class to our competitors in how we work with them and the impact we have in transforming their business.  

We serve clients across industries who share issues of complexity. We have helped leading and developing corporations, government agencies, and private equity firms that recognize the need for real change. Here are examples of how we help make a lasting impact in the client organization.

A global tool company turnaround via portfolio optimization Read more

A $10B diversified global tool company in a turnaround situation brought us in to use our unique portfolio optimization methodology to rapidly identify and take out a significant portion of SKUs and working capital while limiting the revenue risk. This work was featured at the company's annual meeting and provided a repeatable methodology which the company incorporated into its Center of Excellence.

A top 10 global money management firm Read more

A top 10 global money management firm engaged us to conduct an industry and competitor assessment, and develop a business strategy and operating model to achieve higher customer satisfaction, drive growth, reduce overall operational costs, and better manage regulatory risk.