Wilson Perumal & Company is re-inventing management consulting for the real needs of companies today, helping them to win in the age of complexity

The world is changing, rapidly. The evidence is all around us as commonly held approaches to business strategies have failed to deliver on expectations. Increasing complexity in business is eroding the benefits of scale. Wilson Perumal & Company offers a unique point of view, distinctive expertise and a proven approach to help companies compete and win in a complex world.


  • Our Perspective: We believe complexity is the defining issue facing companies today

  • Our Focus: We help companies simplify their business, compete for growth, and root out risk

  • Our DNA: We are not just another consulting firm, but bring new tools and approaches for today's challenges

  • Our Clients: We work across industries to help organizations in need of transformational change

  • Our Team: We combine real-world experience with rigorous strategic and analytical capabilities

  • Wilson Perumal Capital: Learn more about our affiliated private equity firm