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Market entry strategy for a semiconductor company entering solar photovoltaic space

Insight & Impact

WP&C's data-driven findings and recommendations provided SemiconductorCo with the confidence, tools, and market understanding to pursue further growth in the evolving photovoltaic market.

Key insight from the study:

  • The total addressable market (TAM) and served addressable market (SAM) were significant enough to support the decision for SemiconductorCo to enter the photovoltaic market successfully
  • The TAM was disaggregated across geographical regions and by market segments, which provided a forward-looking view on the key target groups in specific locations
  • Specific market segments in certain regions had a stronger fit with SemiconductorCo's offerings based on extensive market research and analysis
  • Competitors were expanding across North America and Asia, prompting SemiconductorCo to protect its domestic market and begin forging ties with prospective customers abroad