Vantage Point

Vantage Point is Wilson Perumal & Company's quarterly
business journal that describes the new management practices and approaches companies need to win in today's complex world.  Its purpose is to encapsulate our latest thinking about strategy, operations, and general management in a practical, no-nonsense way that helps leading executives succeed.  Vantage Point focuses on issues that are of the highest priority to our clients and other executives around the world.




Four Factors to Assess Scale Potential

Applying Lessons from High-Reliability Organizations

Tailoring your Diligence Approach to Bring M&A Success in Emerging Markets

Achieving Operational Excellence While Slashing Costs

Reshaping Your Portfolio 

Operational Discipline

Grocery Retail In Flux

Achieving Operational Excellence in the Face of Complexity

Dynamic Scenario Planing

The Operating Model Imperative for Operational Excellence

Diversify for Profits, Not Growth


Avoiding the Six Promotion Pitfalls


Avoiding the Pitfalls of being an Occasional Acquirer


A Simple Approach to Retail Clustering


The Shockproof Supply Chain


Making Complexity Reduction Count


Localization with Scale





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