The 5 Pillars of High Reliability Organizations (HROs) Transform into a High Reliability organization through 5-Pilliar principle

Plant Loading: Effectively managing capacity to improve inventory, manufacturing, and distribution costs

Six-Facets Approach to Portfolio Optimization: There is more to portfolio optimization than just cutting the unprofitable tail

Square Root Costing: WP&C’s proprietary methodology for allocating complexity costs

Complexity Costs: Complexity costs are hidden and grow exponentially. How to find and reduce the sources of these costs

Substitutability: Substitutability, often ignored, can be an effective weapon in portfolio optimization

Complexity Cube:  The Complexity Cube frame and illuminate the types, interactions and impact of complexity

Whale Curve: Companies’ complexity-adjusted product profitability often follows a Whale Curve—70-80% of products ruin 200% of profits.

Profit Scaling Curve:  Profit Scaling Curves show the relationship between sales of a given group of products and profitability based on their complexity profiles