Energy and Utilities

Energy and utility companies operate in increasingly complex environments. The challenge is that in a complex system not all risks can truly be known and therefore cannot really be ‘managed’. This leaves organizations vulnerable to catastrophic events, major events resulting from a combination of seemingly innocuous non-conformances. Traditional risk management approaches struggle in dealing with these low likelihood, but potentially tragic incidents.

The solution is to instill a different set of practices, behaviors and discipline to keep the chain of events from forming in the first place. To do this requires a new way of operating. Wilson Perumal & Company has helped Energy and Utility companies on that journey by: identifying and attacking sources of catastrophic operational risk, transforming cultures via rigorous redesign and deployment of operational practices, and instilling the qualities of world class High-Reliability Organizations. At one of our energy clients, the changes we designed and implemented reduced loss of containments by 75% and safety incidents by 25%.