Culture and Value Proposition

A career at Wilson Perumal & Company represents an exciting and compelling value proposition:

  • Exceptional Journey, Exceptional Team

    We are a growing firm of top-talent individuals embarked on an ambitious and exciting journey, to redefine the role and value of management consulting. Our team shares a sense of mission, collegiality, hunger for new thinking, and an artist’s passion for impacting clients and affecting positive change in organizations.

  • New Frontiers of Thinking

    We are a firm founded on intellectual capital and thought leadership.  Our founders wrote the book on complexity and are leaders in their field.

  • Stretch & Impact

    As a fast growing firm, you will have greater opportunity to make your mark on the organization, meaning we will be different down the road for your contribution.   Given our current growth rate means there is no shortage of opportunity.  The firm is a platform for personal and professional growth.  As Warren Bennis wrote in Organizing Genius, “Great Groups are places where you have the opportunity to see just how good you are.”

  • Truly Meritocratic

    We don’t have “time-in-grade” requirements.  You will rise according to your ability to drive impact.   Your opportunity is limited only by your capability and boldness.  To quote Bennis again, “Communities based on merit and passion are rare, and people who have been in them never forget them.”

  • Virtual office model

    We operate in a virtual office model which allows our people the flexibility to live throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.  While we frequently gather as a firm and team, this model is good for the firm and allows greater flexibility for the team in living where is most convenient.