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Root Out Risk

Given the scale and complexity of many operations today, the idea of ‘risk management’ —that there are acceptable levels of risk that you can manage—is a misnomer. It creates the illusion but not the reality of reliability. This is why major risk events tend to be so surprising at the time. In order to truly achieve superb levels of operational reliability and safety, your organization must have a culture of chronic unease. You must see risk lurking around every corner and seek to root it out; to eliminate risk rather than just manage it.

Wilson Perumal & Company is uniquely positioned to help you root out risk in your business:

  • We have a unique point of view merging risk and complexity. WP&C applies a complex-systems perspective to risk management and eliminating risk requires a different way of operating.
  • We bring hand-on risk mitigation expertise. With years of experience in the private sector and U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Program, the world’s pre-eminent high-reliability organization, we put real-world experience to work in your field.
  • We are advantaged over other top consulting firms in identifying and eliminating risk. No other firm combines a complexity mindset, real world expertise and experience leading high-reliability organizations.


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Commonly, the first step in risk mitigation is identifying the sources of risk and understanding what is at stake for your organization. It is the low-likelihood but potentially catastrophic events that traditional risk management approaches struggle in dealing with, but which can literally destroy a company.

Catastrophes such as the Deepwater Horizon spill, Texas City explosion, or even the recent JP Morgan trading losses show a pattern: they are always preceded by a series of safe-guard failures and operator errors.

Wilson Perumal & Company’s breadth and depth of experience in high-risk operations and industries, coupled with the tools we have developed for assessing risk, enable us to rapidly identify the hidden risks in your business, quantify the magnitude of the risk, and develop strategies for eliminating them.

We are equipped to conduct assessments, audits, interviews, and workshops designed to help your organization.

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Once you have identified the sources of risk to your business, you must implement the operating structure necessary for eliminating that risk, while simultaneously reducing your operating costs. We use the term ‘structure’ rather broadly—to include not just formal organizational structure, but also the vision, principles, philosophies, disciplines, and linkages of an organization. Correctly structuring an organization lays the foundation for the formation of a culture of performance.

The depth of our operational experience allows us to deliver more than just analysis. Our team has real world experience on the shop floor and a track record of delivering high-impact results. We understand the difference between strategy and execution, and we can help you implement the structures that will deliver the results your customers and investors expect.

Transform culture via organizational practices Read more

While having the right structure is critical to your risk mitigation efforts, having the right culture is even more so. You can have the best strategies, procedures, policies, and technology, but if your people don’t share the right values and beliefs, it will all be for naught.

We believe the most effective way to change mindsets and behaviors is to first change people’s actions—that actions beget beliefs more than the other way around.

Wilson Perumal & Company has developed a unique approach for rapidly transforming the culture of your organization based on the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Program’s 5 Pillars of Operational Performance Excellence.

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